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moving pods Mountain View CA

What does POD represent in shipping near Mountain View, California?

Proof of shipment.
Evidence of shipment (POD) is a method to develop the reality that the recipient received the contents sent by the sender. When the sender sends several files through the mail there is a possibility of some not reaching the designated recipient.

Is there a weight limitation for pods near Mountain View?

Note about the PODS ® weight limit You might have noticed that the weight capacity of the 7 ft. container is 500 pounds more than the 12 ft. and 1,000 pounds more than the 16 ft. container. This is probably due to the weight limitation of the PODZILLA ® (the equipment used to pick up and provide PODS ® containers).

How much do pod moving containers cost?

According to PODS, costs will vary based on where the consumer is moving from and to. Cross country moves begin as low as $800, but differ based on the miles the client is moving and how many months of storage are required.

Will a pod fit in a parking area around Mountain View?

Typical parking spaces are 9 to 10 feet wide. Your PODS container will quickly fit in one area, but keep in mind, the driver will need 12 feet of width to put the container.

Are pods more affordable than uhaul?

Advantages: While PODS tends to be more expensive than its competitors, it’s also normally more convenient. Not just does the moving container business offer numerous size PODS, however it also has a variety of areas, making it simple to find a PODS service center near you.

Do pods have a weight limit near Mountain View, California?

Keep in mind about the PODS ® weight limit You may have discovered that the weight capability of the 7 ft. container is 500 pounds more than the 12 ft. and 1,000 pounds more than the 16 ft. container. This is probably due to the weight limit of the PODZILLA ® (the devices used to pick up and provide PODS ® containers).

Just how much does a 16 feet pod expense in the location of Mountain View?

How Much Does it Cost for a Pod? It costs just $149.99/ month for a 12-foot PODS container and $159.99/ month for a 16-foot PODS container. Additional expenses consist of truck leasing, mileage, insurance, and more, which suggests that you’re looking at a minimum of an $800 cost for an out-of-state PODS move.

Will a pod fit in a parking space in Mountain View, CA?

Typical parking spaces are 9 to 10 feet wide. Your PODS container will quickly fit in one space, however bear in mind, the driver will require 12 feet of width to position the container.

How do you load furniture in a pod?

StepsWork through 1 tier of your pod at a time. Distribute furniture and devices uniformly throughout the pod. Use boxes comparable in size to make them easy to stack. Location heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Keep items you require to access quickly at the front of the container.

Are pods secure?

PODS. PODS provides a level container and permits limitless time for individuals to load and discharge their valuables knowing that they will not be harmed. PODS is an excellent option for personal valuables or company devices. We promise to offer hassle-free, versatile, security, and control for your storage or relocation.

Do pods featured moving blankets?

You can buy or rent moving blankets from many PODS Storage Centers. Ask your PODS Customer Care Associate about moving blankets when you schedule your container for delivery. □ You can get packing supplies like boxes and tape from or your regional hardware store.

About Mountain View, California

Mountain View is a city located in Santa Clara County, California,[12] United States, named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.[13] From its origins as a stagecoach stop, it grew to a large suburb with a pedestrian-friendly downtown and a population of 74,066.[14] The city borders Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay to the north, Los Altos to the south, and Moffett Federal Airfield and Sunnyvale to the east.

Situated in the southern end of the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the northwest corner of Santa Clara county, Mountain View is home to many high technology companies. In 1956, Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, the first company to develop silicon semiconductor devices in what came to be known as Silicon Valley, was established in the city by William Shockley. Today, many of the largest technology companies in the world are headquartered in the city, including Google, Mozilla Foundation, Symantec, and Intuit. The original Byte Shop computer store was opened at 1063 El Camino Real, Mountain View, by Paul Terrell, and the first 50 Apple I computers were sold from that location. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority integrates the city with the neighboring cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.

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